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Best luggage for children

Picking the right luggage for children is not easy task. With so many options our extensive guide should help you chose the best option, one that you and your kid will be happy with. We will look at things to consider when buying luggage for your children.

Do you really need luggage for your children?

First thing to consider should be the necessity. There is no point in buying a luggage for your children if they are not going to use it. Make sure they are old enough to carry their own luggage around. If you will be the one doing the carrying then an extra bag will only be a burden.

That being said, if your kid is old enough, having their own luggage is a great way to introduce some responsibilities. You could even ask them to pack their own stuff. Just make sure they pack all the necessities. They will most definitely enjoy having their own luggage like grown-ups do.

What size of luggage will be appropriate for my children?

Too big? Then you will be carry it. Too small? Then you will need to sacrifice space from your own luggage. An average sized carry-on should be good for most kids. For younger kids ride-on alternatives are a great and fun option. At no point in their lives we can recommended backpacks for kids. A lightweight case with wheels will be your best bet.

What color or pattern my kid will like?

No doubt your kid will want a carry-on with their favorite cartoon character on it. But don’t forget that in a few years they will outgrow that cartoon and find it childish. So if you are in the market for durable luggage to use for many years, it’s wiser to go with classic but fun colors your child will like. One trick we recommend is giving them two options to choose so they will think it is their decision.

Our recommendation

Travelers Club Kids

After careful consideration our top pick for luggage for your children is Travelers Club Kids’ 5 Piece Travel Set. It includes a 18″ Hard Side Carry-on Luggage, a 15″ Backpack, a 10″ Lunch Bag, a Neck Pillow and a Luggage Tag. So it solves a lot of problems with a very little price tag . The backpack and the lunch bag extras are great for daily use. It has very fun color/pattern options, we are sure your kid will like at least one of them. The carry-on is also perfect for traveling. Our 2 year old absolutely loved it and had no problems carrying it thanks to the 4 wheels that spin all directions.

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