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Best luggage for a cruise


Finding the best luggage for cruise travel can be hard task. Cruise ships usually have tight spaces so you will need something lightweight and easy to maneuver. Having a huge luggage pick up your precious cabin space will not be favorable. Yet it will need to pack all those clothes you’ll need. Buying a luggage for only a cruise also will be overspending as well. So we picked the top 5 easy to handle, practical and durable luggage that you’ll be happy to use even after your cruise.

Cruise lines are generally less strict then airlines when it comes to baggage size. And most cruises have laundry available so it is an option to travel light and wear some of your clothes more than once. The luggage we listed below come in different sizes so we leave that option for you to pick based on your needs.

Here are the top luggage picks for a cruise:

DELSEY Paris Cruise Lite Hardside 2.0

Delsey Cruise 

Delsey is one of our favorites when it comes to luggage at a right price. The thermoplastic composite Plenium from Delsey is light yet tough. It has a lid that opens from the top so it will be easy to access on a luggage rack. With 8 wheels in total it will be smooth and quiet to ride. We loved the texture on this one as well because after 3 international trips it still looks brand new without any scratches. Delsey moved the TSA lock to the top for ease of use in the 2.0 version. The extra handle at the bottom is also useful when moving it out of a vehicle or other hard to reach places.

On the inside the straps are stable and enough zippered bags are there for your small items. One large water-proof bag also comes in handy. It is available in black, blue and platinum colors and we have to say they all look classy even though they are more affordable than their rivals. If you’d like there are 25 and 29 inch versions as well but those will need to be checked in for airline travel. For your cruise trip the 25 inch may check all the boxes for you.

Rockland Melbourne Hardside

Rockland luggage

Rockland Melbourne Hardside carry-on is a budget model we can recommend for cruise trips. The ABS material is lightweight and it is durable enough for a cruise. With 8 wheels and 6 lbs weight carrying it around is almost effortless. The handle is easy to push and all. We only recommend the carry-on size for this one. For the larger suitcases we would suggest something more durable. The carry-on would be perfect for a cruise trip though. It comes in various color options. The bright colors are easy to notice and a nice option for kids as well

Travelpro Platinum Elite-Softside

Travelpro luggage

The Travelpro Platinum Elite Softside is hands down the best soft material option for a cruise. Everything about it is so well thought. The handle, the wheels, the real leather details… this one is a luggage masterpiece. We are a big fan of the pocket placement and size. The dedicated power bank pocket and the external USB port is so convenient to charge your phone. Our opinion is that it should be standard for all bags above a price level. The interior tie-down system is amazing as well. It comes with a removable toiletries bag and a drop in suit bag for wrinkle free packing. With all these extras the main compartment is still spacious. The only negative we can list about this model is the lack of some bright color options.

Samsonite Winfield 3 DLX Hardside

samsonite winfield 3 dlx

Samsonite may be the most known luggage brand around the world and that is for a reason. You know your luggage will not fail on you and mess up all your holiday. The Winfield 3 DLX Hardside is the recent addition of their line up. It is the 3rd iteration of the line so it is building on 2 previous models with experience. Weighing around 7 lbs, the 4 wheels are more than enough for a smooth ride. The polycarbonite material is pretty much scratch resistant. The movable packets allows you to organize your items as you wish. The integrated TSA lock will be useful for airline travel as well.

Thule Crossover 2

Thule Crossover 2

Thule will be the most expensive luggage on this list however it will also be the most durable for certain. With little details like a easy access padded pocket for your sunglasses it is the perfect travel companion. Safe to say it will be with you for years. The interior navy blue is a nice touch along with the side pockets which are great for easy access. Thule is durable even in the inside with perfectly stitched pockets.

You may also be interested in buying a cruise ship luggage tag holder for convenience.

We wish you a nice trip!

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