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What is the best place to attach luggage tags?

Wondering what’s the best place to attach luggage tags? Based on our experience the best place is where it will be the most visible and secure. That’s why you should attach your luggage tags to the top handle. Make sure the tag is attached with a girth hitch.

One other tip is to make sure the information card inside the tag is also secure. The tag may be attached perfectly to the luggage but there is no point if your information is no longer in the tag. If your tag has a clear plastic sheet that covers your information card, make sure it does not pop off. If you are looking for a luggage tag we recommend the design of the Travelambo tags as a cheap option. The card is secure and the tag itself attaches to the baggage with a sturdy mechanism. The flap cover also conceals your information from being easily readable. It also comes as a 4 pack so the whole family gets the same color. That will be helpful to spot your luggage on the carousel.

Best place to attach luggage tags is the top handle

We also recommend attaching a tag to your carry on luggage as well just to be safe. You never know where it will end up. You may have to place it far away from your seat if there is no space in the overhead compartments. Once on a busy flight in Europe the flight crew had to move our carry on to the baggage compartment where they keep check baggage.

This is the most secure way however it never hurts to have a back up. Even the most secure tag can drop off especially on rough airline transport. We prefer having a separate card with our contact information inside the luggage.

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