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Cruise ship luggage tag holders

Why do I need cruise ship luggage tag holders you say? Once you complete you cruise check-in, you will be asked to print out your luggage tags along with your boarding pass. Assuming you do not have a card printer at home, your luggage tags will be on a regular piece of paper. We all know paper is not the most durable material, especially on a cruise where it can get wet in an instant.

By using a tag holder you make sure your luggage tag is safe for a minimum cost. You can also use tape or a stapler but a tag holder will be your best bet as you can imagine. Cruise ship luggage tag holders are also re-usable for many trips. Considering their cheap price we always bring an appropriate one with us for our cruise trips. However your cruise line will most likely assist you in case you lose your tags, so do not worry.

One important thing to note is that all cruises have tags with different sizes. You can find tag holders for the major cruise lines on the below links. If your cruise line is not on list, you can have a look at the pictures and see which one will fit best.

Royal Caribbean Luggage Tag Holders

Princess Cruise Ship Luggage Tag Holders

Norwegian Cruise Line Luggage Tag Holders

Holland America Luggage Tag Holders

Celebrity Luggage Tag Holders

Carnival Luggage Tag Holders

You may also click here to find all the tag holders on Amazon. Make sure to check our post the best luggage for cruise ships as well for quick tips. We wish you a fun trip!

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